A Quickie With… Mt Mountain

Mt Mountain-004 copy

Mt Mountain launch their self-titled debut EP this Friday, June 20, at The Rosemount Hotel, with support from Puck, Lanark and Dream Rimmy. We caught up with guitarist Glenn Palmer.

Who are Mt Mountain? 

Formed in mid 2012, we began as a four piece, releasing a well-received demo (OMED) in early 2013. Prior to the start of recording our debut EP we were joined by a fifth band member, Thomas Cahill on drums. The band now consists of Stephen Bailey (vocals and organ), Derrick Treatch (guitar), Glenn Palmer (guitar), Brendan Shanley (bass) and Thomas Cahill (drums).

What’s your sound? Who are your influences?

Our sound would be best described as mid-tempo psychedelic rock taking influence from Sleepy Sun, Dead Meadow and The Black Angels.

Where did you record and who with?

The EP was recorded with a friend of ours, Josh Amphlett, (who also recorded OMED) at a bike factory/DIY recording studio in Bayswater. The whole recording process was quite relaxed. We recorded over the course of a few months in mid to late 2013 laying down each track when we felt comfortable enough with them and had a weekend off from playing shows.

What was the writing process like? Did you write specifically for the EP or is it a collection of existing work?

The writing process was a little different to the last, as just before starting the writing for the new EP we had a new band member join. A lot of the new material came together whilst jamming and whilst basically getting used to having a new person in the band. There wasn’t too much of a specific concept for the EP, but knowing it was a going to be a vinyl release was definitely exciting and made us approach aspects of the record in a different way.

What’s up next?

We’re hoping to play some shows over east off the back
of this release this year and, recording-wise, we have a lot of new songs that we are currently getting together to be recorded for a full-length album.