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A Quick Guide To Figuring Out What Flowers To Buy For Someone You Care About

Are you interested in getting a gift for someone you know?  Are you unsure what you should get them?  One of the most versatile gift options out there is a flower arrangement.  Flowers provide outstanding beauty.  They can liven up even the most drab of spaces and provide the recipient with a fantastic addition to their space.  Providing the message that you care, flowers are incredibly varied.  So, what are the best flowers to buy for someone you care about?  Let’s review a few ways you can better answer this question.

Single Verse Multiple Flowers

A single flower can send a powerful message, especially when it is particularly exquisite.  While multiple flowers provide a more substantial gift, it can detract from the beauty of a particular flower.  As a way to begin considering what to buy for your recipient, consider the meaning that a single flower can provide over an entire bouquet or arrangement.  The less flowers you send, the greater the meaning behind the gift will have to be.

Favorite Color Vs. Flower Color Meaning

Does the recipient of the flowers have a favorite color?  Do they like a variation in the color presentation or uniformity?  If you are unsure what their favorite color is, then consider the flower color meaning.  Did you know that even among roses, that purple, white, yellow, orange, and red all have very different meanings when given as gifts?   When you do not know what their favorite color is, go with the significance behind the color instead.  Talk about it in a card with the gift and let them know the thought that went into your gift.

Floral Arrangement Vs. Single Flower Type Bouquet

What is better, a dozen of the same flowers or a dozen different flowers?  Will the recipient like the eclectic mix that comes with a floral arrangement or derive more joy from a uniform bouquet?  Consider for a moment a dozen roses.  While they may all look the same, together they present a beautiful piece that is overwhelming in it’s scent and appearance.  In contrast, a fall bouquet with rustic colors and a mix of flowers and greens can help to create a deep, beautiful, and inviting gift.  One of the best ways to determine what an individual will like is by looking at how they present themselves.  As an entirely unscientific assessment, consider getting the floral bouquet of the same flowers for those more austere or put together an arrangement of different blooms with personalized printed ribbons for those who are more eclectic in nature.

Scent Vs. No Scent

Is there a particular fragrance that the intended recipient of your flowers likes?  This may be one of the harder things to find out about another person.  However, there are some ways to figure out if scent is important when it comes to flowers.  First, does the individual have an allergy?  If they are constantly having allergic reactions to pollen and other natural things, then consider scentless flowers without a ton of flower.  Do they have a favorite perfume?  What about shampoo?  As many scents are based off of flowers, you may be able to remember their favorite scent and pick the appropriate flower without them ever telling you.

Favorite Type Vs. Flower Significance

Flowers come in and out of season providing an incredible selection of flower types to choose from.  Does the intended recipient have a favorite type of flower?  Do they love lilies but scorn dandelions?  If you do not know what their favorite type of flower is, then consider the significance of flowers.  Each type of flower usually has a backstory in culture and signifies something in particular.  Flowers can signify danger, warmth, love, gratitude, joy, protection, and much more.  For example, sending red roses signifies a passionate interest.  If you can’t figure out what their favorite type of flower is, then go for flowers that have a meaning that will help convey whatever message you are trying to send.

What Do You Like?

Truth be told, not everyone likes flowers or has their favorite flower type, arrangement, or color worked out.  The recipient of your flowers may have never received flowers before and may not even know what he or she likes.  If you have no clues or hints to go by, then consider your own preference.  What flowers most appeal to you and why?  What strikes you about the flowers and why would you choose one over the other?  Find what you like the best, and upon delivering them to the recipient let them know why you decided on those flowers in particular.  Often times what is just as important as getting the right flower is showing a dedication and time to thinking about what someone might like.  If you have nothing else to go on, then go with your gut.


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