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A New Day For jjj


Image: Jebediah

Taking Regurgitator’s I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff to heart, jjj is snatching up the reins of ABC’s Dig Music digital radio station and are aiming to carve themselves a slice of the lucrative 30 -50 year old market by playing the stuff you (or possibly your parents) used to stay up late to tape off the rage simulcast. To that end, only 10 per cent of the mooted Dig playlist will cross over with jj’s, while a good chunk will be devoted to old jjj favourites and classic alternative artists.

Additionally, 75 per cent of the musical offerings will apparently be new releases, which seems to fly in the face of the station’s stated ethos. In any case, instant audience voting on the site will be used to tweak the formula before the planned April 2014 relaunch. Give it a listen here.

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