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A Green Sparkle: Australian Jewellery Brands Shift Toward Sustainable Pieces 

9 out of 10 Australian consumers want more sustainable and ethical products, according to CouriersPlease. With this sentiment so widely spread, it is not surprising to find Australian designers and brands reading the writing on the wall: in response, large and small Australian jewellery fashion brands are crafting more sustainable pieces. Some are even creating their whole brand around the theme of being eco-friendly and sustainable — and it seems that the world has started to pay attention.

Très Bien Highlights Seb Brown

Très Bien, a Swedish menswear brand and boutique, highlighted Australian jewellery brand Seb Brown in its Spring/Summer 2021 collection. This is a big deal for sustainable jewellery brands, as the Melbourne-based Seb Brown’s pieces are made from 100% refined or recycled materials. The Seb Brown piece that’s being focused on seems to be the Neapolitan ring, which contains pink sapphires, tourmaline, black spinel stones, and even citrine. Seb Brown has also made it clear that they do not use conflict diamonds in their pieces. They also emphasise that every piece they design can be replaced, repaired or reworked, ensuring a truly long-lasting collection that any curator or collector can pass down to future generations.

Jackie Mack Designs Create Stackable Pieces With Sustainable Practices

Stackable jewellery has long dominated chic fashion. Australian brand Jackie Mack Designs has zeroed in on the multi-layered jewellery trend and created pieces that are both versatile and eco-friendly. Their latest collection, The Bliss Collection ‘21, features pieces that are made from recycled sterling silver and 18k gold plating. Founder Jackie Damelian says that their pieces are made to be timeless, effortless, and endlessly chic. The ethos that drives their brand is to create sustainable pieces that will appeal to a wide range of consumers, so there’s something for everyone. As Jackie Mack Designs are heavily invested in creating sustainable practices, their pieces are surely a win in the mind of the eco-conscious consumer.

Holly Ryan Opens Up Showroom In Surry Hills

Australian sustainable jewellery designer Holly Ryan started her brand at the age of 21. Ten years after launching her brand, she now announces that she has opened up an appointment-only showroom in the heart of Surry Hills. Ryan’s jewellery brand has a waste output that’s close to zero, and a built-in recycling initiative. Holly Ryan’s pieces are made with recycled materials. Ryan says that while her brand is not perfect, she is glad that the conversations about sustainable fashion are occurring more. Her first showroom will be reflecting these values and creating an intimate space where clients can soak up a feeling of yearning and permanence in their shifting world. Ryan also hopes that as clients come in, they’ll be able to espouse sustainable practices wherever they go.

With more Australian jewellery brands obtaining a national and international highlight, the path forward looks bright. It will be interesting to see what other sustainable jewellery brands will crop up in the future as budding jewellery designers are able to see the success of shifting towards green practices. The consumers, both local and abroad, will certainly be watching the progress with avid curiosity.

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