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A Fresh Cut From Machete Kills

machete_killsThe new and brilliantly bloody trailer for Machete Kills has dropped, and it’s pretty much exactly what we expected. By this stage of the game you already know whether you’re on board with it; either you’re a fan of self-made grindhouse auteur Robert Rodriguez’s gleefully tasteless B-movie aesthetic or you’re not, and this latest offering won’t do much to change the minds of either camp.

Us? We’re excited as all hell. Danny Trejo! Michelle Rodriguez! President Charlie Sheen! Antonio Banderas’s mustache! Mel Gibson’s attempt at redemption! A disturbingly grown-up Alexa Varga! Miles of intestines! Lady Gaga!

Ahem. Anyway, you can see if our enthusiasm is justified when Machete Kills hits Australian cinemas on October 3.

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