8 Myths About Men’s Fashion

Even though men’s fashion is growing slowly but steadily and men are no longer afraid to experiment, because the fashion world is built on rules, many tend to believe that wearing X is ridiculous or that Y should only be worn in certain conditions. While some of these rules should be followed, many fall into the category of myths.

In a world where what’s cool – such as – and what’s not (lots of things) is in permanent flux, the rules are constantly changing. Below we have gathered some of the most common wardrobe myths and we will tell you why you should ignore them.

  1. Men don’t wear pink

This myth is part of the “real men never wear pink” argument which, let’s be honest, is completely wrong. First, there’s no such thing as a list of rules real men should live by and even if there was, not wearing pink would definitely not be on it.

If anything, wearing pink can make you look more masculine since it shows just how confident you are. Furthermore, pink is also a very good color since it can go well with all kinds of trousers. If you find a pink garment that you like, you shouldn’t be afraid to buy and wear it.

  1. You should match your belt with your shoes

While it is true that the belt should be of the same color family as your shoes (for example black or brown) it isn’t necessary for the two to match. If you don’t know what to wear and you don’t want to risk the two items clashing, you can get a belt that leans on the darker side.

A black belt will go well with almost anything, and you can also get a brown belt that will combine well with dark brown shoes. You should never be afraid to be non-traditional.

  1. Denim on denim

It’s true that denim on denim is easy to get horribly wrong, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. As long as you get it done right, you can achieve a very stylish look. The secret is to go for a contrast between the jacket, jeans, and the shirt, both in texture and color.

You can combine a darker chambray shirt with light-colored denim for example. As with any outfit, wearing it with confidence is very important and it is the first step to help you pull out an outfit.

  1. You shouldn’t wear all black

Another misconception is that wearing all black is boring but that is true only if that’s the only thing that you wear. If used in moderation, an all-black outfit will never fail to make you look stylish.

Tonal outfits have the advantage of making your frame appear slimmer and longer. You should try to mix up your materials to add some visual interest to your outfit. Most importantly, you should also invest in a lint roller since cat hair or dandruff can easily kill an all-black look.

  1. You can’t wear boots with a suit and tie

While there is no way to use your Red Wings with a business suit, if you have a pair of leather Chelsea boots or chukka boots, you will be able to pull this look effortlessly. These boots surely have a timeless look that dates all the way back to the early 20th century and they go well with a suit and tie.

  1. You can’t wear jeans with a tie

This is also wrong since, unless you are in a professional business environment, there’s nothing stopping you from exploring a balance between comfort and class for a date or coffee with a friend. The trick to this outfit is to try and integrate elements that work well together. You can wear the tie with casual neckwear and get a slim, dark pair of jeans.

  1. Don’t wear white in winter

Because bright fabrics reflect more light, they look very good in the summer but that is not a reason not to wear some white pieces in the winter. While it is true that the skin is not as tanned in the colder months as in the summer, you can still wear white outfits in winter since white is a color that you can easily mix into almost any outfit without feeling too bold.

  1. Sunglasses are only for summer

Sunglasses are also associated with summer, but they are a year-round staple and winter sun can be just as strong and you will need to protect yourself. A stylish pair of sunglasses won’t just protect your eyes, but will also serve as an accessory to elevate the look of both your summer and winter wardrobe.