Eight Love Lessons With 8 Bit Love

8 bit love
Melbourne dance punks 8 Bit Love met at a regional Victorian high school in ‘08. The trio’s friendship was galvanised by their collective need to get to Melbourne, escape rural Australia and make exuberant, rambunctious music together. Vito Lucarelli, Matt Darveniza and Simon Findlay have just released their third EP, Slummer Time. Ahead of their gig at The Bird, Saturday, May 24, Vito (vox/ guitar/ synth) shared with us his eight love lessons he has learnt in life thus far.

1. Learn to love your songs.
You’re going to play them a lot over the years, but don’t get overly attached to the point where you can’t take criticism. Other people are allowed an opinion unfortunately. Sometimes you’ll find that opinion printed in a local street press. *ahem*

2. Sometimes the audience will like the drummer (Simon Findlay) more.
He might be hairy and stink a lot more after a gig, but some people are into that. The sooner you come to terms with that, the more heartbreak you’ll save yourself from. God forbid they’re into the bassist, though.

3. You most likely won’t find love on the road.
So don’t try too hard looking for it. Have your fun, play your gigs and go with the flow. You could find yourself having fun at Bondi at 4 in the morning.

4. Trust your gut instinct.
There’s no such thing as good or bad timing and the right person might not fit the mould of what you thought Mr/Miss Right would be, but that’s okay.

5. Don’t care so much.
It took me ages to realise this. When things haven’t turned out the way I planned and I’ve gotten all huffed up and pissy, I need to remind myself, “Mate, what’s the rush? You’re only twenty-something years old. There’s plenty of fish in the sea” to which I’d say back, “Lol. Tru tho”.

6. Not every break-up song is a good break-up song.
It’s easy to get attached to a song by what it means to you, but you probably just sound like a whiny little shit. Especially if the pain is still fresh. I know I’ve been there.

7. Heartbreak. It hurts. Oh, man. Heartbreak hurts.
Like, more than you could ever believe. It’s like having all the blood taken from your body and replaced with some sort of black oil that hurts every time your heart beats and stops you from doing normal things like getting up in the morning and pooping.

8.Perth people are great and are easy to fall in love with.
But it’s so damn far away from Melbourne and flights aren’t cheap.