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7 Tips To Improve Your Home Gaming Setup 

For gaming enthusiasts, investing in a cool gaming setup is one of the most satisfying things ever. The design, upgrades, and the entire process itself can be such an exciting project. When you see how others built their home gaming setup, it can inspire you to think about how you can transform yours too.  

To get started, it’s a good idea to sit down and think about what you’d like to do and decide if it’s feasible for the budget, space, and time you have. This way, you won’t be wasting time and resources, and you can focus better on getting the output you really want. But before all the excitement carries you away, we recommend you consider these tips first: 

  • Plan Out Your Space And Design 

The location of your gaming setup matters. Before you decide which corner of your space to build it from, think about the long term. Could you comfortably play video games in there all day? Can it fit everything you need? Won’t it cause a disturbance to other people you live with?  

Consider the lighting too. Do you want a completely dark gaming set up? Or would you better enjoy natural light from a window? If the design and layout you want call for bulkier items, such as shelves, make sure to get a proper estimate of the space you need.

  • Invest In the Right Furniture 

Once you’ve decided where to place your gaming setup, you can think about getting bigger things into the picture. Furniture items like gaming chairs are trendy, but other pieces like the desk and storage are just as equally important.  

Get a desk that’s comfortable for you and sturdy enough to hold all your equipment safely with stability. You can also go for more versatility, like modular designs or this gaming desk from Desky. Desks with built-in storage are also a great idea so you can keep your accessories organised in one place. 

  • Build And Follow A Colour Palette 

Colour palettes are great tools for design because they help make your space look more stylishly cohesive. If your gaming setup already has a colour theme going on, you could follow that to make everything look more purposeful. If not, build up a palette you can use as a style guide and adapt your setup to it.  Once you have a colour palette, stick to it when buying the rest of the items for your new setup.  

  • Don’t Forget Comfort 

Playing video games often take hours on end, so comfort should be one of your priorities too. Keep it ergonomic, where your desktop and chair are set at the recommended height. You could also add other accessories such as footstools, cushions, and lumbar support to make it even cosier. 

  • Upgrade Your Gear 

Gaming gear requires upgrades too, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer. It’ll help you keep up with the latest game updates, and will help ensure that they run smoothly on your devices. While a cool design is always great, it’d be useless if your computer can’t take the heat, especially when you’re running technically demanding games that require higher specs. To get a fully immersive experience of your favourite video games, it’s best to run them on a computer with specs that are optimal for gaming. 

  • Organise Your Wires  

Messy wires can be an eyesore, and they can cause accidents. Tugging and tripping on cables can happen, and this can cause your setup to fall apart. Keeping all your wires organised and hidden can make a massive difference on how entire gaming rig setup. It also makes it easier to manage your connections when you have to detach or reassemble devices. 

  • Keep It Clean 

Another thing you’ll need to do is to keep your setup clean. Remove everything that’s not useful, and keep them away from your gaming space. Wipe it down regularly with a microfiber cloth and the proper cleaning solution to get rid of dust. A regular clean-up not only makes your setup more pleasant to look at, but it’ll also protect your devices against damages. 


Building a gaming setup in your home will take time, patience, and money. Taking your time, planning it out, and deciding what to prioritise is probably the most thoughtful way to do this. The most important part is the gear because you can’t play the best games without it. So, invest in high-quality gear, take proper care of it, and upgrade when necessary. Then, following a theme, you could add useful furniture items, lighting, and décor to complete your dream setup.  

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