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7 Stoopid Bands for 7 Stoopid Dollar$ @ The Rosemount
Sunday, March 19, 2017


It was a Sunday night in Perth. A night that usually wouldn’t mean a packed out main room at the Rosemount but this line up brought out the masses.

First up was Oosterbanger, a new solo project from Ellen Oosterbaan formerly of Catbrush. Oosterbaan’s brand of moody indie rock has always been thrilling and tonight was no exception. With her witty banter she charmed the early five pm crowd and songs such as Earnin’ are relatable and honest. As well as Oosterbaan’s powerful guitar playing she appears confident playing a bare stage, something which is not always easy to do. It will be exciting to see what direction Oosterbanger takes in the future.

Next on the bill was Grievous Bodily Calm with a set that was unexpected given the rest of the line-up. Instrumental jazz filled the Rosemount main room where a newly packed crowd had just gathered. The set was imaginative and vibrant while retaining the jazz narrative.

Then the political punks that are Last Quokka stormed the stage giving out a frenzied energy that charged up the audience.  With vocalist Trent Steven’s distinctly Australian vocals and lyrics promoting freedom and anti-fascism it was a set of powerful songs and a force to be reckoned with.

Next up was Boat Show, a band that brings feminist and LGBTQI issues to a wider audience with songs like Cis White Boy and Suffocate. Singer Ali Flintoff dances and runs in circles around the stage while engaging in playful between song banter. Ali has the shrill vocal style of Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin) with the song structure being more reminiscent of 90s UK Riot Grrrl’s Huggy Bear. This is Riot Grrrl with a modern context. It’s current, It’s daring and it’s also very, very catchy.

Regular Boys (Photo by Dacey Doane Photos)

After a short break Regular Boys began their set of fun, fast-paced songs, with the power pop tones of the guitar and an added horn section creating an individual indie pop sound. The lyrics are meaningful and anthem-like and almost sounded classically Australian in the vein of  bands like Hoodoo Gurus and The Hummingbirds.

Shit Narnia (Photo by Dacey Doane Photos)

The second-last band of night was Shit Narnia bringing their emotionally turbulent punk to the forefront. The lyrics are insightful and speak of pain and soul-searching. The vocals are harrowing while still having the ability to incite head banging from the crowd.

Lastly the headlining act Hideous Sun Demon stormed the stage with their confident stage presence and fun, bouncy, mind-melting punk. They border on creating a sound that references the Buzzcocks as well as In Utero era Nirvana. The band jumped around the stage almost crazed and left the room wanting more.

Hideous Sun Demon
Hideous Sun Demon (Photo by Dacey Doane Photos)

A Sunday at the Rosemount has never been so fun and joyful and full of live music. A great gig. Definitely worth the seven dollars if not more and will be talked about for weeks to come.


Photos by Dacey Doane Photos

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