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6 Incredible Uses for Hand Sanitiser: Besides Sanitising Hands

Sanitizing hands has become a ritual, and you are probably well-aware of the reason. But, have you ever used sanitiser other than keeping your hand germ-free? If your answer is ‘no,’ then you have landed here rightly. Here I’m going to list down a few amazing uses for hand sanitiser.

1.     Quick Acne Relief

If you are someone like me who is always exhausted due to facial acne, then you must try a hand sanitiser hack. Inflammation that you face due to pimples is indeed triggered by skin bacteria. Dabbing a bit of hand sanitiser on the acne spot is a safe thing you can do for instant relief. Besides, you can also try hand sanitiser on mosquito or bug bites.

2.     As a Dry Shampoo

Have you ever thought of using hand sanitiser as a dry shampoo? Well, it’s time that you should. Liquid hand sanitiser is well-suited to make your hair look fresh in no time. You can spray a little bit of sanitiser when you have no time for shampooing and blow-drying your hair.

3.     Get Permanent Marker Off

Permanent marker stains on jeans, clothes, bags, sofas, curtains, etc. can be quite irritating. If you are also looking for a tried-and-tested solution to get the permanent marker off from something, then here is the easy remedy for you. Use a hand sanitiser on the stain, leave it for 20-30 secs, and then wipe it off with tissue paper. You will be surprised to see the result as you wouldn’t be able to find a trace of any marker stain. It is recommended to use Hand Gel Sanitiser or alcohol-based fluid for best results.

4.     Remove Glue or Sticky Labels

The adhesive residue is not an easy job to remove, but with a quality hand sanitiser, you can remove glue & sticky labels easily and quickly. The adhesive residue is tough to eliminate by only using water and soap. Hence, it is an ideal thing to use a hand sanitiser to eliminate any sticky material from a handbag, wall, furniture, dishes, and remove the adhesive bandage.

5.     Clean Your Glasses & Sunglasses

You can use a hand sanitiser to clean your eyeglasses and sunglasses. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is one of the best mirror cleaners. Now you wouldn’t have to spend money on buying special herb-infused fluid to clean glasses. You can directly use your pocket sanitiser to eliminate fingerprints and dirt particles from your glasses. It is no doubt an easy & quick solution. It’s better to get a Multi Purpose Cleaner for these things.

6.     Clean Phone Screen

Do you realize that your cell phone can be as dirty as a toilet seat? Hence, it is important to clean your phone screen most often so that you don’t end up transferring bacteria from your phone screen to your face while taking long phone calls. Wipe the screen with liquid sanitiser on microfiber or cloth and wipe gently. You shouldn’t be using much of the product and do cleaning from time to time.

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