5 Tips to Teach Your Kids Cross Stitch Embroidery

If you are looking for a kid’s craft that will keep them entertained, teach them to cross-stitch. It is an easy craft to learn, and your kids can make all sorts of different projects. Below mentioned tips for kids cross stitch will help get started with this embroidery technique while teaching your kids creativity, hand-eye coordination, and patience. 

  1. Use coloured pencils or crayons 

Decorating your finished kids’ cross stitch pattern couldn’t be easier. Thus, ask your kids to grab their favourite colours and go crazy decorating designs any way they like. You can purchase a cross stitch kit online or from a nearby store, including coloured pencils or crayons. With this kit, your kids’ project doesn’t need the help of fancy embroidery threads – all it needs is your kids’ imagination and colours.   

  1. Consider different fonts for a bolder effect 

One of the best tips for kids’ cross stitch is using different fonts, which gives your kids’ patterns an extra boost of style. To get your kids started, try out watching tutorials from several influencers online. It will help your kids learn how to draw simple letters for their cross-stitch patterns while demonstrating how they can turn these letters into bold blocks.  

  1. Get your patterns online 

Kids are curious by nature, so encourage this curiosity with the cross-stitching technique by allowing them to search for their favourite embroidery designs online. You can’t imagine how many free kids’ cross-stitch patterns are available online to download and stitch. This pattern is a great example, which your kids can use to create their teddy bears by sewing together small pieces of fabric. 

  1. Think about your kids’ old clothes 

Kids cross stitch doesn’t just have to be something they do on a piece of fabric – they can also use their old clothes. With this craft idea, your kids can take their favourite clothes, turn them into keepsakes and create a new accessory out of them. It is excellent teamwork for kids who want to get creative with clothes and feel like sewing from scratch. 

  1. Look at examples, but make it your own 

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of cross stitch patterns your kids can use to piece together their piece of art. To get your kids started on their first cross-stitch project, it is recommended to look at some patterns that major magazines have published. But why not encourage your kids to adopt these designs and styles according to their taste? Let them take ownership of the process to become better at expressing themselves through this fabulous craft. 


If you are looking for a kid’s craft that they will enjoy, cross stitch is the way to go. It is a simple method that anyone can do and fun because kids get to choose their colours of threads. You will also be teaching them an important life skill- how to read patterns. Cross stitching teaches kids patience too. Once they are done with their project, they have something beautiful and personal in hand. The tips mentioned above will help your kids learn this hobby and boost their inner creativity.