5 Student Budget-Friendly Activities to Do in Perth

Planning a trip or a stay as a student can be pretty confusing and exciting. The foremost aspect of any trip is deciding a destination that matches your budget. Even if you’re planning a trip within your native country, it can be hard to keep the expenses affordable for your wallet.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should miss out on your trips to the most exciting and colorful places on earth. After all, you only live the college life once! Budget constraints shouldn’t stop you from living your best life during vacations.

If you’re living in Australia, make sure you visit the beautiful city of Perth! Some of the best places to visit in Perth are cheap and offer excellent sightseeing opportunities. On top of that, there are plenty of free and cheap activities in Perth that are no less than a blessing for students. In Perth top things to do that won’t urge you to break the bank, include the following:

1. A Full Day Bus Tour

If you’re running short on time and just want to explore the city and must-see places, a bus tour covers all your needs. The roof deck allows you to explore everything and record all the greatest moments. The bus stops for just the sufficient time you need to take in all the gorgeous bird-eye views. On average, this open deck bus tour takes almost 2 hours to take you around Perth. But if you want to get off and explore, nobody is stopping you from that!

2. Perth Cultural Centre

If you’re more nerdy than fun-loving, there’s nothing as welcoming as the Perth Cultural Centre. This place is the pride of Western Australia and has a large collection of valuable cultural and historical mementos. It is located in the James Street Mall. It offers a one-stop insight to all that you need to know about Perth’s history and culture. The access is absolutely free, so you don’t need to worry about any expenses at all.

On another note, this place is also great for Ph. D. students who work on history or cultural thesis writing. The centre offers authentic information and visuals regarding Western Australia’s history, which is ideal for your thesis help. If you need more supportive materials regarding your paper you can combine all your findings with research done by professional writing service. There’s always a thesis writer providing thesis help for Australian students. So you’ll get an opportunity to ask one to help you add the final touches to your thesis while you explore the city further!

3. Surfing

It’s foolish to leave out the beach if you’re looking for cheap thrills. Take a bus to the beach, grab a surfboard, and get surfing. If you haven’t surfed before, you can ask the instructors to teach you surfing. Surfing is a great way to beat the heat under the scorching Aussie sun.

4. Fremantle Markets

Searching for souvenirs and cheap food items? Fremantle Markets are calling for you! Here, you can find a number of cheap souvenirs and collector items. Showpieces, clothes, perfumes, stationery, food, gift items, etc. are easy to find at the Fremantle Markets. The collection is super cheap, sturdy, and colorful. In short, your low budget won’t make you feel bad at all.

5. Nostalgia Box

For a perfect indoor trip back to your childhood days, Nostalgia Box has all you need. It’s a splendid indoor museum with a collection of all of the most memorable video games from your past days! Pong, Atari, Aladdin, Super Mario, and many other games are a good enough dose of childhood nostalgia.


Planning a trip in cities like Perth requires some extensive digging around. If you spend some time searching for the places that suit your budget, you’ll see there’s a lot to choose from. This guide offers you the top five different options you can go for if you want a successful, budget-friendly trip!