5 Advantages Of Wearing Wedges Over Wearing Heels

Yes, people are crazy over heels cause of the overhyped, but doctors always say no to heels. They disturb your posture if you are wearing them all day long, every day. Moreover, the immense pressure it creates on your knees, toes, and balls of your feet can shorten your calf muscle with overuse.

1.   They add height yet are stable and comfortable

Wedges have a flat surface that touches the ground; thus, your feet are getting more surface area to touch. In this way, you are getting more stability and also not straining your ball of the foot much. Moreover, wedge heels provide more cushion coverage than heels or stilettos, thus shielding you from the rough and rugged ground.

In addition, the materials it uses are slip-resistant, for example, wood or rubber, so never worry about a marble surface with wedges on it. Instead, get yourself a pair of nice wedges from any shop that has a huge range of women’s shoes. If you are looking for everyday wear, rubber soles will be more lasting, and you will have no fear of falling.

2.   If you need more height, go for wedges

You may think high heels are the only option if you want to look tall or add some height. If you have complexities about your height, you surely should grab a heel but not at the cost of comfort or ruining your feet. Wedges provide the same addition of height just as the heel does, and at times you will get more heel height in wedges than heels.

Here, you can get 5-6 inches height at much more comfortable than wearing a 5-6 inches high heel/stiletto. Platform wedges are very sought after for adding a lot of height. There is a huge range of women’s shoes and wedges you can choose from.

3.   Wedges are a lot more versatile than heels

Wedges have a huge range of women’s shoes and variety than high heels. You can get all kinds of designs, embellishments, metallics, furs, boots in so many colors and sizes in wedges. You will have options to wear them in so many ways throughout the season as they are so versatile.

For spring or a little bit colder months, you can try transition wedges with a closed toe to keep warm. And for the summer months, go all out with open toes, embellished wedges, or espadrille weaving. Go all trendy and creative as you want. You can try mocha or burgundy color shades in the fall with closed-off traditional wedges or boots.

4.   These are stylish, and you can pair them up with anything

You have worn many heels or pumps of the same designs and almost that limited color shade. Cut out that boredom with the huge range of women’s shoes in wedges. Heels are traditional and outdated, so why not try out the funky wedges that your soul wants. Wedges are not only comfortable, stable but also have so many designs to offer.

Moreover, this form of shoe is trending cause of the comfort it offers on a long day or every day. So choose a wedge to be comfortable yet chic and glam if it is a marriage or everyday office work.

5.   These are sustainable while supporting your arch

If you have complained all your life that heels wear out too fast, wedges are your solution. Due to the unbalanced weight distribution in heels, they are not sustainable and tears pretty quickly. So quite frequently, you must have to change the heel of a stiletto as it wears out or gets slant to one side.

But with wedges, you can relax as no such problems will arise. These are durable ones and are worth your investment. As more people of this generation are moving towards sustainable goods, this will be your wise buy.

How can you pair the wedges up with your clothes?

You can pair it up with jeans and shorts or go for a smart and casual look. You can also pair it up with your dresses or jumpers, or playsuits. If you are going for a casual look, try skinny jeans and an uncomplicated pair of ankle strap wedges.

Get a wedge to keep up your style game for your everyday wear yet keeping your back and feet healthy.