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Pencil case from Typo
Pencil case from Typo

‘Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool’. You might not be starting kindergarten like Billy Madison, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be well prepared with these backpack essentials.

Baby Wipes

Never underestimate the essentialness of a baby wipe. It’s not just good for babies’ bums – think make up remover, desk cleaner, sweat taker-awayer-meets-body refreshener. It’s the best all-in-one tissue out.

We love the delicious smell of Huggies Cucumber and Green Tea Wipes, available at supermarkets, chemists and baby stores.


Hand Sanitiser

Ever watched your sick class partner wipe the snot from their dribbly nose with their hands, then reach for the shared document you’re working from? Mmm… keep germ-free and sick-free this year with instant hand sanitiser. Smells nice and makes you feel clean. Just don’t use your hands to eat straight after.

We love Dettol Healthy Touch instant hand sanitiser with aloe vera.



Learning is hard so keep your mind and body alert and stay hydrated. Chuck a bottle of water in your bag for easy access, then refill when necessary. Here’s a tip: the more water you drink the more you’ll need to go out for that sneaky toilet break/break from work.

We love the giant glass VOSS bottles you can buy from most supermarkets.



Hate trying to study when Gossip Girl decides to sit behind you in the library? Plug in and tune out with your favourite tunes – they’re bound to block out what happened with Johnny’s ex-girlfriend’s rash.

We love the funky ear bud designs from Typo.



For those unexpected outdoors class days, or when it’s 8am and you’re feeling particularly glum after that Sunday sesh-turned-rager. Shade those eyes and your sorrows!

We love the original and the best – Ray-Bans.


Pencil case

Okay, there’s no point in rocking up to class with a backpack full of fun and nothing that’ll actually help you get educated. Especially if you’re expected to write! Load up on your fave pens and pencils then make it look dapper with a retro-style pencil case.

We still love zip pencil cases.



Have gazillion units to complete this semester but also want to remember what a social life feels like? It’s time to get organised, people. Getting yourself a planner will not only make you look profresh, you might also get your life sorted too! We love Kikki K’s leather organisers, complete with diary, penholder and section dividers.



Yes, money does make the world go round, and it definitely helps if you want to escape that boring lecture and make a day of it at the tav. Having a spare fiddy or two tucked away in a side pocket can go a little or a long way, so if you can restrain yourself from spending the dosh until you really need it, you’ll thank yourself later.

We love… well… money!



Sneaky trips to the beach, an outdoor PE session, sitting under an ozone-less sky, you look like a vampire. Slip, slop, slap doesn’t only apply to the beach – looking after your skin now means you’ll prevent pain in the future, and/or looking like a sack of leather when you’re 50.

We love Banana Boat – that’s one catchy song!

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