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40th Anniversary Of Australian Rock

DocNeesonNationalPublicityIMageThe Bon But Not Forgotten 40th Anniversary Of Australian Rock show at the Charles Hotel this Saturday, July 5, is now something of a tribute to Doc Neeson, who passed away last month. BOB GORDON reflects with former Angels members James Morley and Bob Spencer.

As lead singer of The Angels, Doc Neeson was at the forefront of Australian rock’n’roll. And while it may have seemed that we all new him, there were indeed many layers to the man.

“Doc was a complex character on and off stage,” says former Angels bass player, James Morley. “I remember when I first joined the band I said, ‘it’ll be great to get to know everyone’, he said, ‘You’ll never really get to know anyone in the band’.

“For as many of the crazy ideas Doc had in regards to the show, some of his left field ideas were plain brilliant. Sometimes you would speak to Doc, sometimes to Bernard, it was a Lotto draw.

“He was a kind of gentle giant, hard to get through the big wall, but on the other side was a very caring soul.”

Guitarist, Bob Spencer, has fond thoughts for his old friend and huge respect for him as an artist.

“I think Doc’s lyrics reflected his theatrical side,” Spencer notes, “they conjured up very vivid scenes in the mind. He didn’t set out to change the world, nor make any political comment. Instead, he told simple stories, but in an obtuse way. I enjoyed them and wished that he had kept that up!”

“I don’t think he has left us a legacy in the traditional or commonly accepted sense – at least, as I understand the meaning of the word. What he has left with us is, in my opinion, an entertaining, interesting and unique body of work.”

Saturday’s show pays tribute to The Angels and AC/DC, with Morley and Spencer joined by Mark Evans (AC/DC), Yak Sherrit (Jimmy Barnes/Diesel), Jim Hilbun (Angels), Chris Murphy and Skenie (The Poor Boys), plus a special guest set from Custom Royal.

“I think people can expect to see and hear Angels and AC/DC songs performed in an authentic, respectful and enthusiastic way,” Spencer says. “In light of that, I think this is a very rare opportunity to experience something quite special.

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