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4 Cool Ways To Promote Virtual Live Events In 2021

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has significantly impacted various businesses in any industry. As the world slowly returns to its pre-pandemic state, the new normal has prompted different corporate practices to adapt the idea of online and virtual techniques. From marketing to conferences, collaboration, and customer service, almost everything needs to observe strict social distancing protocols, particularly business events.  

With strict social distancing protocols everywhere, traditional corporate occasions transformed into virtual live events. It’s a distant yet innovative way to engage with customers while also marketing a new product or increasing brand awareness. The challenge lies in striving for a personalised engagement despite the digital approach.

Marketing Using Custom-Made Merchandises 

Although 2021 is more than halfway through, it’s almost practical to assume that the usual events won’t be back anytime soon. As such, your business needs to embrace the new normal and learn how to hold virtual live events effectively. But before having them, you first need to promote your upcoming event for your audience so they can know about it, with the hopes that they may be interested to participate.  

Nowadays, customised merchandise is becoming more and more popular. Different products are personalised and tailored to highlight a business name or brand, making it known to viewers what the live event is all about at first glance.  

  • Printed Shirts 

One of the best tactics to promote an event is using custom-made merchandise. You and other staff can wear custom tops or shirts from while promoting the event on social media. Having your brand name on your clothing will immediately make an impact and leave a lasting impression on the people while holding the live event. 

Nowadays, influencers are gaining leverage when it comes to influencing the purchase decisions of customers. With their authority and expertise, influencers can efficiently help promote your events, hence you can consider hiring them. Their considerable following contributes to the number of people you can reach when marketing your event, product, or brand.   

The key is to find the right influencer to represent your business. It would also help to build a real relationship with influencers and brand ambassadors so they’ll connect deeper to your brand, making it effortless for them to market and raise awareness of your live event.  

  • Personalised Bags  

Aside from phones, bags are also what people bring on a daily basis. So, investing in personalised bags to promote your virtual live event could also yield promising potentials.  

Aside from displaying the bags on the day of the event, one cool idea is to give them away while, say, the live stream is happening. That way, you’re sure viewers will stay until the end. 

To vary the selection, you can design tote bags, laptop bags, fanny packs, drawstring bags, and backpacks.

  • Mugs 

Ever seen a virtual live event with hosts comfortably sitting and enjoying their cup of coffee or any hot beverage for that matter? Well, if you want that kind of concept for your products, you can use customised mugs for your event. 

You can print the logo or company name and let the hosts hold the mugs from an angle that shows the print. That way, viewers will subtly but remarkably remember your business.  

This idea is perfect for food businesses. It can also be anything, as long as the concept will be some sort of a talk show or interview portion where your hosts and featured guests will be sipping from any beverage container.  

  • Phone Cases  

Want your virtual event to make noise as the day of live streaming approaches? Why not consider giving away promotional items, such as phone cases? You can personalise phone cases that bear your brand’s name. When doing so, try your best to come up with a unique design that looks cool so people won’t hesitate to use them. 

Imagine having your brand name or logo showcased in smartphones each time people take their devices out of their pockets or bags. This is an effective way to market not just an event but your business as a whole.  


Virtual live events are likely here to stay even after the pandemic passes. When done wisely and planned accordingly, they can be effective in achieving your marketing goals. However, you need to make sure they’re promoted and endorsed constructively.   

If you plan on holding virtual live events this 2021, consider using custom-made merchandise as a marketing tool. Some of the ideas to consider are printed shirts, mugs, phone cases, and personalised bags. 

These items can either be worn or used by your event hosts or given away during the day of the event. Doing so attracts more viewers because, well, who can ever say no to something given for free? They’d be excited to get them even more if the designs are cool and unique. 

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