360 Announces Australian Tour, First Album Release Since Getting Sober


King of Aussie hip hop 360 will be back in Perth come September 19 as part of his national Utopia tour, which he says “will change your of opinion” of him. 

The rapper thanked his fans in statement released yesterday, saying he understood the art of rap and had stepped up his game to another level.

Read the full statement below.

“Hey it’s 6 and I wanted to let you know where I’m at as I announce my first headline tour in over two years, and drop my new album Utopia’ soon.

“It’s been a while since Falling & Flying came out, and I never would’ve thought it would have the success that it did. I wanna thank everyone who copped it and has stayed supporting me for the past few years..

“I know that during the cycle of Falling & Flying I gained a lot of fans, but one thing I noticed as I got more and more successful I lost alotta fans too.

“I’m sure if you *like* my 360 Facebook page it’s safe to say I’m one of the most criticised artists in the country. I don’t let the personal attacks get me down, if anything it lights a fire under my arse to keep going strong.

“One thing I hear a lot is “360 can’t rap, he’s just a pop singer” – which at first got to me, because as some who know my background know that I came up with some of the most respected and talented rappers in the country, I’m one who understands the art of rap. I know what makes a good MC so I used that shit to drive me to show that not only can I make pop songs that get played on the radio but I can also rap my fucking arse off.

“I’ve done this with Utopia and I’m confident I WILL change your opinion of me with this record. I’ve stepped up my game and taken my music to another level. So expect this tour to be next level as well. Because I’m fucking hungry. I’m hungry to not only be the most successful rapper in the country but also to be one of the most respected. I’m doing shit on this album that no one has done in this country before. And when I say that it’s not from an arrogant place, I’m just extremely confident and excited.

“For those who have stuck by me this whole time, thank you, and I promise to keep making the best music I can make to keep you a part of my army.

“I hope you’re all ready,


Tour dates below:

Wed 3 Sept – UC Refectory – Canberra – 18+
Fri 5 Sept – Hordern Pavilion – Sydney – Licensed All Ages
Sat 6 Sept – The Arena – Brisbane – U18’s
Sat 6 Sept – The Arena – Brisbane – 18+
Wed 10 Sept – Uni Bar – Hobart – 18+
Fri 12 Sept – Festival Hall – Melbourne – Licensed All Ages
Sat 13 Sept – Thebarton Theatre – Adelaide – Licensed All Ages
Fri 19 Sept – Metro City – Perth – 18+
Sat 20 Sept – Astor Theatre – Perth – Licensed All Ages