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360 ALLSTARS @ Midland Oval (for Midlandia) gets 7.5/10


360 Allstars @ Midland Oval (for Midlandia)
Sunday, March 26, 2017


What do you get when you bring together some of the world’s best spinners with some of the world’s most creative and talented musicians? This is not the start of a joke about a dance party at Nathan Lyon’s house… [Ed: nice one, Gary!]

Beginning the show with brief musical and rap intros for each performer [being created live onstage by drumming sensation, Gene Peterson and local loop legend, Sam Perry], the complexity of the show is almost immediate but very subtle. You’d be forgiven for thinking the music had been painstakingly produced in a studio by an entire team of people over the course of months, it’s that seamless. Instead the audience is watching these two master musicians accompany each performer as they come to the stage. At no point in the show does this waiver.

From here the show continues and features each performer and their discipline, all with their own stunningly unique mood music from Peterson and Perry, starting with two-time BMX World Champ, Peter Sore. Working with a modestly size stage for riding any kind of wheeled vehicle, Sore set the bar high spinning and twirling in what could almost be described as ballet on wheels.

Next up was a Tekken style battle between the two breakdancers, B-Boy Leerok and B-Boy Physicx, with accompanying video titles. Three rounds of intense, high energy, world class battling between guys who clearly love and excel at what they do.

Perry was then given the spotlight, creating songs using live vocal loops and effects that sounded as though there was an entire orchestra onstage. There were ethereal sounds matched with bold theatrics as he created each layer individually, then finally brought them all together seamlessly into what could easily be the hottest club track in Europe right now (delivered to you in a tent in Midland). If that wasn’t impressive enough, he then began to rap over effortlessly the top.

Following Perry was Roue Cyr artist, Rhys Miller who almost defied gravity, appearing weightless as he twisted and turned with the giant metal hoop.

From the bare bones feel of Miller and his accompanying music, bounced in the the effervescent Basketball Man. While the ball skills were clearly top shelf, the thing I enjoyed most were the polished clowning skills he showed. His audience interaction with a sassy young girl who strongly doubted his ability was fun and engaging for the crowd.

The final “solo” performance was from drummer and founder of the troupe, Peterson, who played keyboard at the same time in parts, shown from his POV via GroPro. To say he has a “nice kit” is an understatement and he does it more than justice. Double kick that made your ankles ache, drumstick twirls between cymbal crashes and timing so tight Swiss watch makers were contemplating retirement.

The show culminated with a veritable free for all onstage, with all the performers coming out and dabbling in each other’s speciality and combining skills in any way possible. The giant hoop of the Roue Cyr becomes a spot lit comic device and you can see all the performers enjoying themselves just as much as the audience is enjoying them. It’s obvious they all have a great affinity for the show and it very much comes through in the energetic, creative and collaborative ending.


360 Allstars continues at Midland Oval for Midlandia from Thursday, March 30 – Saturday April 1 at 6:30pm (with an extra matinee performance at 4:00pm on Saturday) and Sunday April 2 at 2pm. All tickets and info available at

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