24 HOUR KARAOKE A very political sing in

Perth party starter and karaoke enthusiast Consensual Connie, in collaboration with project space Pig Melon, are gearing up for a massive edition of 24 Hour Karaoke to protest against the actions and lack thereof from the Scott Morrison government running from Saturday, January 4 until Sunday, January 5.

The 24 Hour Karaoke sing in gives the community the opportunity to tune into joyful resistance as a form of connection and consensual togetherness.

Consensual Connie felt that 24 Hour Karaoke would be a great way for people to come at whatever time suits them best and sing out their collective frustrations. “There’s a lot to choose from… the country is burning alive, discrimination bills are being pushed through and the arts and the transit guards about to share a department. Pick your battle and cue up a track!” She has said that Scott Morrison himself is welcome to come along. “As we know he’s involved with Hillsong, we thought we might be able to get some messages across by appealing to his emotional side through communal singing.”

It was decided to hold the event at Pig Melon as it’s a new project space that welcomes all new ideas. “At first I didn’t know whether to pitch it to them because they sleep upstairs but turns out they felt as strongly as I did about all the changes that were going on, plus they also love mimosas so that’s happening Sunday morn.”

24 Hour Karaoke will be happening Saturday, January 4, 6pm – Sunday, January 5, 6pm at Pig Melon – 181 Lord St, Perth WA. RSVP here via Eventbrite for capacity and venue access info.