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Rave Tapes 


The haunting, bell-like keys that open the eighth Mogwai album suggest a continuation of their superlative soundtrack work on creepy French TV series, The Returned. As opener, Heard About You Last Night, develops in their textbook quiet-to-loud manner, all the familiar Mogwai elements slot into place to assure you that this will be a classic run of Mogwai in the vein of Rock Action and The Hawk Is Howling.

After 2001’s Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, the Scottish quintet pull out another cheeky album title, one which suggests that this could be an assortment of experimental dance numbers uncovered from the archives. Although the band further their dabbling in electronica, it’s all very well contained within their sturdy post-rock fortress; it’s an album that’s tighter in length and structure, but looser in sound and sonics.

Vocals remain an almost superfluous addition to the ensemble, at times even a little distracting. A ramble about subliminal messages in Repelish feels like it was slotted in to boost a middling composition, while the hushed vocal on Blues Hour only serves to strip away the song’s mystique. The well-worn vocoder is used to great effect on the excellent closing track, The Lord Is Out Of Control. It’s a striking end to a mixed bag, but there’s enough classic material here to make this another must-have Mogwai album.



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